Benchmark tool: Boost social benefits in culture

The BOOST project welcomes you to our Benchmark Tool for leaders and activists in the fields of amateur arts, voluntary culture and heritage.

What are the benefits for your organisation of this benchmarking tool?

  • To boost the potential of your organisation to contribute to social inclusion, social cohesion, and active citizenship,
  • To increase self-awareness about the strenghts and challenges in your organisation in three key areas,
  • To boost the inclusive potential of your organisation, its people and its activities,
  • To reach new audiences, clients, and stakeholders,
  • To help you plan for the future,

How does it work?

The Benchmark is divided into three topics (Program and activities, Structure of the organization, Networking and cooperation) thus helping you to self-evaluate your activities impact in the areas of social inclusion, social cohesion, and active citizenship.

You can use the benchmark tool without registration and get individual results.
To access all the features you will need to register.

Why register

A user account will alllow you to return to your results in your user dashboard at a later date. It also enables collective reflection within your organization: As the admin on the account you will be able to share unique poll links with other individuals within your organisation who can then complete the questions themselves and all these responses will be collated and presented in your dashbord. It also enables you to create different ways to use this questionnaire. For example, you can complete the questionnaire again at a later date and compare results to see improvement over time. You may also send the questionnaire to different members in your organisation (e.g. leadership, volunteers, staff) and compare the results on that level.

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